The Ghost with the Most捕鱼兑换现金

          Back in March I wrote a Brain Diving column on Otsuichi's Summer, Fireworks, and My Corpse, bragging about how nice the weather was in Austin and that I was getting in the mood for summer. Ugh, what was I thinking? Now that we've broken the record for the most number of consecutive days over 100 F, I feel that by writing that I was like Homer Simpson running around shouting "No comeuppance!" You can have summer - I'm thoroughly done with it.


          Disney To Adapt Tuxedo Gin千炮捕鱼

          Walt Disney Pictures has hired Reno 911 co-creator Robert Ben Garant to write "Tux," a screenplay based on Tokihiko Matsuura`s romantic comedy manga Tuxedo Gin. The 1997-2000 manga series stars "a young street fighter who falls into a coma and learns that he has lived his life so selfishly that he only has enough karma points to be reincarnated as an animal 15 pounds or less. Trapped in the body of a chin-strap penguin, he tries to overcome the humiliation and rack up enough good deeds to get his old body back and save the girl he loves." Garant wrote the screenplays for Disney`s 2005 films Herbie Fully Loaded and The Pacifier. The film will be produced by Paul Young and Peter Principato of Principato-Young Entertainment, VIZ Media`s Jason Hoffs, and Shogakukan`s Ichiro Takase.

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